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Our Purpose

  • I believe the central goal of missionary work is the planting of local churches. There is no other substitute for this.

  • Whatever the missionary does, it should be with the aim of starting a new church or nurturing one that is already in existence.

  • Church planting is not easy.

  • The missionary labors in an alien culture controlled by Satan, whose government and citizens often are not friendly to the Gospel.

  • The missionary is tempted to become sidetracked and substitute other activities in the place of church planting.

  • Some want to specialize in some particular effort, which they enjoy but do not have any direct connection with the task of church planting.

  • Such temptations should be resisted.

  • Our goal is to produce self-sustaining and self-propagating churches. In other words, churches that will stand on their own without being propped up by missionary dollars or led by missionary pastors.

  • We desire churches that will be pastored by national believers who are well trained in the Scriptures. Their own members should financially support these churches.

  • In some cultures this is a challenging and difficult task, but it is, nevertheless, a goal, which is mandated in Scripture.

  • To produce church leaders indigenous to the country requires diligent training in programs established for that purpose.

  • One of the missionary’s chief concerns should be the development of godly and competent leadership.
Source: Baptist World Mission